Welcome to European Aviation and Support

Europe is the most active aviation market today. To conduct business here, you need a representative who can support your product line and develop European partners.
Based in the South of France, EAS is conveniently located to all the major aviation OEMs

We are available to assist you with your sales and marketing strategy in the European market.
We are committed to serving our customers effectively and efficiently by accomplishing their goals through our broad market knowledge and expertise.
Through our efforts, our current customers have developed strong relationships with key manufacturers throughout Europe.

Our clients and customers can count on our expertise to develop the best solutions and plans to equip manufacturers with the avionic products they are searching for.

EAS strives for complete customer satisfaction. Our future growth is dependent on our existing reputation, so we value each and every relationship we form.

ur goal is to provide the best avionics solutions to our customers.
Stephane Duchesne manages European Aviation & Support (EAS). He has 20 years of aviation industry experience as an avionics engineer providing design, development, maintenance and flight-testing. This experience, coupled with his sales and marketing background and his genuine desire to build partnerships makes EAS the best in the industry.


Cost effective

EAS is a more cost-effective way of marketing and selling your products in Europe. We can reduce your travel expenses and increase global coverage of your products.

Dedicated to small and medium size companies

EAS will become an extension of your organization and represent your products in Europe. We provide customer support and feedback and our proximity to your customer, ensures that your product is constantly attended to.


Power converters and inverters specialist for over 50 years. TSO'd products, efficient and lightweight new generations. Typical applications: EMS aircraft and IFE.


Antennas specialist since 1961.Sensor Systems, designs, manufacture and markets more than 250 antenna part numbers, VHF, UHF, VOR, LOC, GS, MLS, GPS WAAS/EGNOS LPV, Radio Altimètre, Marker, ADF, ELT, TCAS/ TCAD, Satcom…. All antennas are certified TSO.


In-flight Entertainment (IFE) Equipment - Cabin Management System (CMS) - Military and Special Mission
Flight Display Systems has designed, produced and distributed Large panel LCD displays since 1999. It also produces In-Flight Entertainment and Cabin Management systems. For several years, FDS has developed a range of products for special mission aircraft utilizing its NVG-compatible, hardened display systems.

Based on strong relationships with many aeronautical companies in Europe and our convenient location in the South of France, EAS serves Aircraft OEM, Avionics OEM, local dealers, PART21J and PART 145, Fleet operators and more…
Our mission is to find the best avionics solutions for our customers. EAS can serve as a direct reseller in Europe or can conduct business with end users.
EAS can provide in-depth European market analysis to identify the best business opportunities.
Providing distribution and access to European aviation industries.
Due to our central location, EAS is capable of being at any European location in 6 hours.
EAS can serve as a facilitator to bring its clients and customers together to achieve effective solutions.
Fluent English, French.


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EAS is located 20 minutes on the A8 from the airport in Nice. Or by the TGV train stopping in Cannes.

Email : stephane.duchesne@eaas.aero
Cell : +33 658 80 71 57
Office : +33 492 28 08 86
28 Chemin des Bouscarles
06370 Mouans-Sartoux - France